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Planning Applications and Appeals

Submitting A Planning Application – It’s Simple Isn’t It?

Obtaining planning permission used to be a simple and relatively inexpensive process – identify the land or property concerned, draw a red line round it on a plan, fill out the application form and send it with a cheque to the Council and wait for the decision to be issued a few weeks later.

This is no longer the case. A party making a planning application is now expected to provide a range of surveys, statements, assessments and other supporting information with the application. If all the required information is not provided or the application does not adhere to the Council’s application criteria, it will be rejected.

Reports, Assessments and Surveys Required for a Planning Application

A typical commercial or residential development will require the preparation of the following documents:

  • Planning Design and Access Statement
  • Accurate site plans and drawings produced to requisite scale and in compliant format
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Services survey and report
  • Formal site survey
  • Noise/Acoustic Survey
  • Traffic/Highway Report
  • Ecological Report
  • Ground Investigation/Geotechnical Report
  • Tree and Landscape Assessment
  • Archaeological Assessment and Brief
  • Party Wall Survey

The Optimum Form of Development – Maximising Value

Our service will advise on the optimum scheme of development and the scale, height and form of the buildings which will be appropriate. Our planning and agency teams will work closely together so that you can be assured that not only will the value of your land be maximised, but that you will have the best possible chance of obtaining planning permission for the scheme of development as quickly as possible. Our development and planning teams are experienced in negotiating with the local planning authorities and our planning department will be able to deal with all planning matters arising following the decision to proceed with an agreed scheme of development.

Valuations and Appraisals

As development options are considered, our development team will undertake feasibility studies, market appraisals and valuations of the subject land so that decisions on the way forward can be made. Residual appraisals are undertaken with the help of BOE development software which enables a detailed and accurate view on value and profit to be established together with cash flow projections and profitability analysis.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Brown&Co Barfords is experienced in dealing with the preparation and submission of planning applications and works regularly with consultants able to provide the technical documents that are required. We will work closely with the planning authority to address issues as they arise to achieve the best prospects for a successful outcome.

Planning Appeals

Where applications are unsuccessful, we can provide guidance on how the objections might be resolved and the merits of an appeal. We are also able to act in the capacity of expert planning witness for Public Inquiries, where these are considered appropriate to have the best prospects of a successful outcome.

Competitive Charging

We offer a value for money service and have been successfully obtaining planning permissions (and adding value) on behalf of clients for over 30 years.

For more information, please contact Martin Page on 01480 213811 or email Martin at martin.page@brown-co.com.

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