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Following a highly successful year in 2012 for industrial agency, Barford + Co have reported the continuing trend into 2013 with many more deals already in the bag.

Osprey House in Eaton Socon of 3,200 sq ft has been let to First Choice Facilities at a rent close to that quoted and with the tenant having the option to buy the property throughout the term of the lease. The building comprised a high quality R&D unit situated on the Alington Road industrial Estate, Eaton Socon, close to the A428 and A1.

Unit 21 Stephenson Road in St Ives has been let to ACR Cleaning. The property is a steel portal frame unit of 2,050 sq ft fitted with a full cover mezzanine. The tenant was attracted to the unit as it offered the space they required in a location not too far from their former site.

Unit 2 Dairy Court in St Neots has been let to a dance studio. The property was approx 2,065 sq ft and deemed perfect by the occupier as it had a low eaves height and was located close to the town centre enabling clients to get to them using public transport or on foot.

The lease on 11 Foundry Way, Eaton Socon has been assigned to a new tenant on behalf of Tackwood Services; a local garage business. The property was approx 1,504 sq ft and forms part of an attractive development of 13 units. The deal means that only one unit of appox 1,221 sq ft remains available on the whole site now.

Finally, Noble House of approx 8,559 sq ft has been sold to C&J Transmisions. The company has relocated from premises in Ellington due to the continuing growth of their business and therefore needing larger premises from which to operate.

Associate Director Howard Westgate, who handled all the above transactions, commented “Throughout the recession, demand for industrial premises has remained stronger than that for retail and offices. It is fair to say that retail has been hit hard by consumer spending cuts and this has been compounded by the growth of internet retail sales. Similarly, the recession hit office occupiers with the internet amplifying the effects by allowing companies to make economies in areas they had never previously been able to such as allowing remote working and therefore reducing their office space requirements”. ‘’However, if your business is storing or manufacturing then there is little the internet can do to lower your need for space and so demand has remained relatively strong”

Mr Westgate concluded with ‘’There is now a shortage of industrial space across the Huntingdonshire area and I would be delighted to provide free advice to any company with surplus space which they wish to sell or let’’.

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