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April marks the sixth anniversary of the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL, a charge imposed by Local Authorities on developments to provide funding for infrastructure in the local area.

The majority of new developments are susceptible to the levy, specifically those which create a net additional floorspace of 100 square metres or more, or a new dwelling. Established in 2010, revenues generated from CIL are used to fund schools and roads to support the local areas in which new developments are being built.

To coincide with the sixth anniversary of CIL, Barford + Co is issuing a call out to charities, self builders and social housing scheme developers as groups which may be entitled to relief or exemption from CIL.

Simon Tindle is Senior Planner at Barford + Co, he said: “CIL was introduced six years ago and since then we have built up a good understanding of this new funding tool. CIL provides much needed funds for infrastructure which is needed in areas where new housing is increasing the local population and in the last six years the levy has benefitted many local areas.

“Certain groups however, for example charities, self builders and social housing schemes, may not be aware that they can claim relief or exemption from CIL and we would encourage anyone falling into these categories to discuss this with their respective Planning office to find out if they might be eligible for a reduction or removal of CIL.

“The government has also recently launched another new initiative to support self builders, the self build register, with Local Authorities required to keep a register of aspiring self builders. We are keen to enhance this support by helping self builders understand more about CIL and to also help charities and social housing scheme developers be more economical with their funds.

“As a firm we’ve been dealing with CIL and CIL exemptions for six years now so are well placed to support developers with their enquiries.”

In Eastern England, the area in which Barford + Co specialises, three Local Authorities have introduced CIL so far namely Bedford Borough Council, Huntingdonshire District Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council.

Central Bedfordshire, South Cambridgeshire and East Northants are working towards the introduction of CIL.

Some Local Authorities have also introduced relief or exemption from CIL. Out of the Local Authorities mentioned above, only Bedford Borough Council has introduced relief in the form of Exceptional Circumstances Relief, which may help some specific developments that are struggling with viability.

To book an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation with Barford + Co to discuss CIL and possible exemption or relief, please contact Simon Tindle on 01480 213811.

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